Saturday, December 08, 2007

1/144 CafeReo - HE-111 Special editions

1/144 CafeReo - HE-111 Special editions
two new "kits", not sure if prepainted or plain kits!?
previous editions have been either type!
1/144 He-111H-6 Stab/KGr 53

1/144 He-111H-6 8/KGr 54

Available now from HLJ and others?


Anonymous said...

As these two He-111's come in the same type of box as did the "Bumble Bee" Skyraider; I think it might be safe to assume they are pre-built and painted with only a few items like decals to add.

smeg1959 said...

I guess the next question regarding CafeReo is when will we see Big Bird Series 3, with its Do217E, B-17E and Ki-21 Sally. As a fellow Aussie observed, the first of these has only ever appeared in the scale mistakenly labelled a Do215 and 1/100 scale (an old Otaki offering), so it will be welcome.

The B-17E should augment nicely the ageing B-17G (Crown, Revell, Minicraft), but it might have been better if the version of Ki-21 chosen didn't replicate the excellent Hasegawa/Imai kit - the latter model with dorsal turret in place of the glasshouse arrangement would have been nicer.

That being said, at least the Ki-21 has plenty of interesting camo schemes, so let's hope CafeReo don't do what they did with their "forever green" G4M's in the first BB series!

Badger said...

I just got these and thankfully, they're unpainted. CafeReo paint jobs aren't the best and often need a touch up or ten. At least there are decals to offer new squadrons and paint schemes, and this kit is an improvmenet over Minicraft's ancient mold, so it's very good for the price.

I've been wondering if they got the wing thickness right on this kit though, as it appeared to me that it was a bit on the fat side.