Thursday, December 20, 2007

1/144 Motorized Triebflugel

1/144 Motorized Triebflugel


pbhawkin said...

I would love to know how he did the Triebflugel!
I guess a motor mounted upright in the fuselage with a large plastic gear mounted on the motor spindle and then glued to the rotating bit on the fuselage where the blades are attached. BUT then how is the front/nose bit attached to the rear fuselage section without interfering with the rotating mechanism?


bluedonkey99 said...

it is pretty cool isnt it!

it is a shame that the site does not have more "how to" instructions!

it has been pointed out that some of the items motorised on the site are 1/300 - 1/350 !!!!

Ridgerunner said...

See detail of Aircobra fighter built by Bell Aviation. This craft had a mid-fuselage mounted engine usin a rotating concentric shaft to the air screw, with a center non-rotating
shaft that was a cannon barrel firing through the center of the
prop. Same principle...for the Triebflugel..motor drives three secondary gears arrainged like three leaf clover. Supports for nose section extend up between gears. Internally toothed ring gear
and bearing race(s) from blades are driven from outside the three secondary gears. This leaces non rotating area supporting the upper fuselage with room for control and electricals to connect to tail section Think of a dime with three nickels arranged around it, and a ring meshing with the outer edges of the have left, three fixed areas for support, and routing of controls.

Y Ena said...

It's my solution.

Test run movie.

bluedonkey99 said...


Cool project, very well made!


Y Ena said...


I've just finished my work with voltage controller and diorama base.