Saturday, December 29, 2007

1/144 scale Dornier-Stratospharen Haunebu II

1/144 scale Dornier-Stratospharen Haunebu II Mysterious German flying-disc in WWII
Anigrand have done it again and pulled off another stunning set of kits!
admittedly, this will perhaps be much more of a "love it" or "hate it" than some of thiers, but I for one have got my order placed already!
curiouslly UNICRAFT are also to release thier version of the Haunebu II in 2008!
Bonus kits:
- Sack AS-6 this one actually was built!)
- Haunebu I
- BMW Fluglrad I V.1
- BMW Fluglrad I V.2


smeg1959 said...

I agree that Anigrand has possibly stolen Unicraft's thunder, although it seems like Igor wasn't going to get around to the Haunebu anytime soon if his "Future Kits" listing is anything to go by.

With the obvious demise of Popy as a Luft 46 model producer, Anigrand are certainly providing a whole range of alternatives. As BD99 says, you'll either love or hate such "theoretical" aircraft.

The Haunebu II is considerably more controversial than the other Luft 46 stuff produced by Anigrand thusfar - just scan the Web and see how heated some discussions have become over the existence or otherwise of Luftwaffe UFOs!

bluedonkey99 said...

the trouble most have with the concept f Luftwaffe FOOs/UFOs is that it quite quickly gets into the "cult of the Nazi UFO", Conspiriciy theories and all the stuff that goes with it!

at least the more "Traditional" Luft 46 stuff is on safer ground?

Anonymous said...

fooken stoopid