Wednesday, December 12, 2007

1/144 Fa-330 !!!!!!!!!

1/144 Fa-330 !!!!!!!!! (By Damiya?)
I don't know if it is kit..., or scratch built - to be honest either way there are not actually many parts and could provide some inspiration to you guys for that Christmas Project You were looking for!?
The pilot looks like a Wing Club Pilot? admittedly the main rotor blades will perhaps prove hardest, bet as for the rest a bit of plasticard and some metal wire?
anyway, a good idea and neat model!
also, check out then homepage as there are lots of other good stuff, including a Daimler-Benz Project B


smeg1959 said...

It looks scratchbuilt to me, but a nice little piece of work nonetheless. Perhaps F-Toys could do a WW2/Luft 46 Heliborne series ... some hope!

The photos of the Daimler Projekt B have almost inspired me to drop the Sea Hornet I'm working on and start on my recent Anigrand acquisition.

Jon Kelly said...

The text with it implies that it is a kit but does not mention the manufacturer.

bluedonkey99 said...

The manufacturer is Dameya.

They are a Japanese Garage Kit maker, you probably won't find this available other than on ebay now as the post was 5 years ago.

Hope this helps.