Sunday, December 16, 2007

1/144 21st Century Toys - Dogfight Sets!

1/144 21st Century Toys - Dogfight Sets!
Another set of WWII planes from 21st Century, Dogfight Series!.

Ok, I think we all knowo that there wouldnt have been much of a dogfigh with the unarmed PRU (Photo Reconnaissance Unit) Spifire?

interestingly this PRU Spitfire is shown on an IPMS Stockholm article, refering to Volumes 5 and 16 of the Wings of Fame.
So i figure someone can probably tell more about this?
the only sad thing is the poor quality of this model? - I am not sure if it is because the original spitfire is stunningly streamlined and beautiful, or whether the pink paint scheme is unforgiving?
maybe its one of those which look better in the plastic compared to the photo?
A final word of thanks to "combi" who provided the photos!



smeg1959 said...


Based on the photo, I'd agree with your conclusion on quality. The cowling looks completely wrong and what's with the spinner in two bits?

I've got the Easy Model 1/72 scale pink PRU Spitty - my young daughters' favourite! If only this 1/144 scale effort had been a half-size version, I'd have been a lot happier.

And yes, I can't recall too many reports of dogfights between 262s and PRU Spits! ;-)

badger said...

I have this and the quality is pretty much down right awful. This entire series is barely passable for any serious 1/144 fan. I'm still looking for the Dauntless to see if they've made any improvements, but I won't hold my breath.

The ME262 suffers from the same wing problems and poor paint quality as the others in the series. The wings are flat, similar to the early Bandai 109s, although you can bend them in shape, with care as to avoid breaking them like I did!

The Spitfire is poor, much like the MiniHobby kit, with a handful of panel lines, trench-like and pretty much in all the wrong places. The prop has 4 crudely shaped blades, but at least the got the count right. Overall, it's got the basic shape of a PRU Spitty, so if you look at it through a dirty window screen, it's barely passable. And that paint color...ouch!

Sweet, Takara & recent DML kits have just raised the bar way too high for this to be considered ok. Although, at $3 for the 21st century kits (and when I say kits, I'm being geneours), you can't complain too much!

bluedonkey99 said...

thanks for the feedback!

Anonymous said...

I have the Dauntless, and must admit it falls also in the fair to poor grade. The bombs are poorly done, the canopy is closed. I tried to pop it off but they seem to have put enough glue to hold together a real Dauntless. As it is the only Dauntless in this scale, it will do for now. I have written 21st Century and ask that they release some of their models as kits. Perhaps if we all hound them, they will do so.