Saturday, April 12, 2008

1/144 F-Toys Heavy Bomber (Update)

1/144 F-Toys Heavy Bomber (Update)
I think this looks like a pre-production version as the glass isnt yet in place.
Still, these are much clearer pictures! (Click picture for larger photo)
Also, no other news on what this series will consist of???
Interestingy this is Lancaster DX-A LM624.... I h
I did find an article on the BBC regarding DX-M LM626!!
57 Squadron Bomber Command 1944
The DX-A paint scheme is shown on the RAF Site!!
The tail markings indicate that the aircraft is a "Flight Leader"
It is also featured on this as 3d texure file here.
Aircraft and Crew - Lost in Action
57 Sqn RAF East Kirkby
Take off...6th November at 1631hrs
F/O J Cooper
Sgt A Beach
F/O L Draysey
F/S B Hesford
F/S B Brown
Sgt F Sloane
Sgt G Saville



smeg1959 said...

F-Toys have decided to challenge CafeReo in the "larger item" department? Good, as it will keep the latter on their toes and get them to pay a bit more attention to the ease - or otherwise - with which the kits go together. I can't comment on Vol 3 releases (anyone else?), but CafeReo's Vol 2 items left something to be desired in the fit of certain items on the He111 and Nell.

Let's also hope F-Toys uses their flair for picking the occasional aircraft we didn't expect to see in 1/144 outside resin releases (e.g. the He100/He113) in choosing their range of heavy bombers.

Oh, and 500 yen? Not bad at all for a Lanc!

raphael harris said...

My late father flew on DX A (LM 624) for about 20 operations between August and 1 November 1944 when his tour ended. Don't know why they chose 57 Squadron/ this particular aircraft but as you can imagine it is pretty special to me

bluedonkey99 said...


Thnksa for your comments, itws always interesting to get feedback from someone who has historical connection with a sgiven subject or model produced.

One of my Grandfathers was a Mechanic on Lancasters in Yorkshire during the war, although its not clear from my mum which Sdn.

Have you bought either of these models? If you havent yet, try and get teh F_TOys model its a better kit overall