Tuesday, April 01, 2008

1/144 Sweet F4F by Claude! (updated)

1/144 Sweet F4F by Claude Wickihalder
This is a really nice piece, Claude has finished off the 1/144 Sweet F-4F.

I thnk it has been completed so well that some people iwill find it hard to believe it is a 1/144 model!
if you ave model you wish to feature, please do not hesitate to let me know so I can share the 1/144 with you all!
see more here:
Again, I think we see that Brazil is not only known for its sexy women, but its top class modellers too! (also F1 racing and pioneering aviators)


rkmasu said...

Welcome Claude...
And Martin you forgot..we have F-1 drivers and good soccers players too....

bluedonkey99 said...


you keep the F-1 and the soccer.... I'll take the ladies ;o)

rmasu said...

I hope your girlfriend don´t read what you wrote...

Model Builder said...

Perhaps Claude or one of you other fine modelers out there can help me improve my models. I would like to be able to darken the panel lines, but how?

pbhawkin said...

A thin wash of any number of solutions. Some use tea (!) others rusty or just dirty water and others again Burnt Sienna or Umber thinned right down painted on and wiped off lightly on the raised areas alloing the recessed areas to retain the darker colour. Then you can overspray with a matte fixer.

rkmasu said...

He uses pre-shading..before painting
I use the Sakura Pigma Micron Ink pen on panel lines and wipe the excess with a little wet old cotton T-shirt...this was I used in Martin TRS-2

bluedonkey99 said...


is you live in the uk or USA I'd get down to the magazine/hobby shop.

I was in the shops (WHSmiths) at the weekend and one of the Imported American Modelling magazines had a big "how-to" article on this very subject. It was based on larger scales, but the technique i have seen elswehere on 1/144.

sorry: I cant rememember the name, there are a few with very similer titles, by rearranging the following keywords you coudl probably get 10 magazine titles!!!
/Scale /Air /Aircraft /Model /Modelling /International /Monthly
I could easily see how you could sped $50-100 a month if you bouth all the feasible mdodelling magazines on the shelf!

Claude said...

Hello Guys!

Model Builder,

As Roberto said I used to pre-shade the models but not only this.

Here you can see the model after the pre-shading and before painting. You can make it with the airbrush (the way I do) or with a fine brush.

Most of the times the pre-shading will disapear when you paint. It's normal specially if you're painting with dark colors...

When I finish painting I apply a gloss coat (with Future) to prepare the surface for the decals. When the decals are in place and completely dry, I make a wash.

The wash is very impostant to give a depth to the model and make it diferent from a toy (or a gashapon). The secret (IMHO) is that the wash must be very irregular, if the panel lines are all equaly darkened your model will turn into a drawing. That's not what I want...

I use a product named "bitumen" that is very easy to find here in Brazil. It looks like grease. I dilute in white spirit until it start looking like tea (translucid) and apply with a very fine brush (10/0) in the panel lines, but not in all panel lines and with some irregular spaces. Leave it to dry overnight and remove the excess in the morning with a cotton.

Sorry for my bad english. I hope it can help you improving your models.


pbhawkin said...

again very nicely done.
unfortunetly your photobucket link doesn't work. Can you post a picture to martin (Bluedonkey) and maybe he can host it?