Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WTM USA - Shock News!!!

WTM USA - Shock News!!! (*** HOT NEWS ***)
FFG (Fantasy Flight Games)has exclusive distribution rights for the tanks now in stock, plus they ordered 21 new models to be delivered starting this fall (Autumn 2008).

The first new ones include the
(existing WTM) e.g:
  • Panzer IV J,
  • Sd.Kfz. 251 Half-Track,
  • M3 Half-Track,
( *** New *** ) e.g:
  • Matilda II
  • Bren Carrier.
  • Trucks,
  • others?.
Forthcoming World Tank Museum™ series will include infantry, terrain, and more!
The World Tank Museum™ figures are also used in the World Tank Campaigns™ game, coming soon!

FFG will have an official announcement hopefully soon and we will post it and send it out to our email lists

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thanks to emishi!

Looks like there could be some exclusive USA material?
Is there going to be a new Japanese Series too??

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smeg1959 said...

Matilda II? Bren Gun Carrier? Some AFVs from Ol' Blighty at long last! On behalf of we collectors and modellers, my thanks to the gaming community for making manufacturers realise that there was more than one side out involved in the tank battles of WW2.

Some trucks would be welcome as we have had to rely on limited release resin kits and costly diecasts to fill the gaping holes to date ... $US25+ for an Opel Blitz or a Bedford OYD is a bit steep.

It would be great if this revitalisation of the Takara brand extended to aircraft, too. Wargamers really need decent Spitfires, hint, hint.