Tuesday, April 01, 2008

You are not alone!

You are not alone!

sometimes, maybe you feel like the only 1/144 guy in town?
well, not only have webeen averaging 300-400 visits per day!
A new record! - over 1,000 visits within 24hrs!


pbhawkin said...

That's really great!!
BUT, where are they all?
Why don't they share some comments, or their models? The more the merrier and the more likely the manufacturers are to make more stuff in this 'forgotten' scale.

Unknown said...

thats great! but can someone explain the sudden spike on those two occasions?

bluedonkey99 said...

I too am bemused by the huge spike on those days.

there have been otehr spikes, but not of that magnatude.

it normally follows a given posting i have done, it amazes me how either

a) word gets around!
b) people read teh same article 10x times!?

obviosuly, sometimes I know i have posted something that is "hot news" and expect to see some interest - other tiems its a

I should really pay for the extr failities on the stats pages so i get more info.

the spike relates to the period i published

1) the IXO planes
2) the Wings of Ware 2 Dio

what i find most interesting is how the word gets around in such a spike.

if there are som many people out there more comemnts would be nice.

as with most forums, i imagine there is an 80/20 spilt of lurkers verses contributors/commentators?

sometimes if a link appears on certain sites, i can see a surge from say Japan or the US.

what gets me is "how" are people communcating to others, as i think i have got the main 1/144 forums watched and there seems to be nothing there, are people purely emailing each other and saying "take a look at this?"
PS: I have finished drawing up my WW1 hangers and will look to build tehm in next few days!! lets see if we have onther spike?

you tell me which is most exciting?


Anonymous said...

I blame it on UFO's.....


bluedonkey99 said...

that would explain the country defined as "unknown" in my stats!!!??

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that. A good bit of that was probably me. I spent about 3 hours Sat & again Sun going through your entire archive.

I am an n scale model railroader with a military bent and am always looking for new vehicles/figures/aircraff to use on the layout. After discovering the site I became facinated but the variety of 1/144 stuff.

My first taste of it was the 21st Cent. Toys stuff at Walmart. Can't wait for the trucks & halftracks to come out. I can use "trains" of them.

Always been a fan of the Takara stuff but never saw it around the shops. I've many times studied the bcmini webpage with furvor, I have not yet gathered the cajones to buy the several complete sets that I want.


bluedonkey99 said...


hey no problems!
a) I didnt relaise there where tat many articles!
b) you obviosuly didnt get much else done last weekend!?

BCMINIS is a bit odd (and frustrating), as far as i remembr they dont sell to the public you have to be a "bricks and mortar" retail store for them to sell to you.

There are plenty of folk who would have loved to order from them, but where unable to"

well, welcome to the 1/144 world, any questions - feel free to ask!

Anonymous said...


You may not realize it, but if you include the archives, you have a fairly substantial site, with probably several hundred primary & secondary links. It was quite facinating & enjoyable. No, I didn't really get much else done this weekend. But the time went very quickly.

Three observations. First, there are definitely many more 1/144 enthusiasts than is readily apparent, at least here in the US. I say this because the 21st Cent. stuff is fairly widespread in Walmart stores and sells rather well. Also most hobby shops I have seen tend to be rather conservative in there stock selections, yet they have at the very least a limited selection of Dragon CanDo stuff. Someone is buying this stuff or these stores would not be carrying it.

Second, I am repeatedly amazed at the quality & variety of 1/144 military products (kits and conversion kits also) that does not exist in the larger market of N scale model railroading.

Third, that it is considerably cheaper to buy superior quality Japanese N scale railroading products than their more numerous US counterparts. Likewise, I can buy an excellently assembled & accurately painted Takara tank or truck for at least half of the price that I can find an mediocre, unpainted N scale vehicle in the railroad market.


smeg1959 said...

Whatever traditional kit builders say about "lazy modelling", a fair bit of the growth in 1/144 must be attributed to the wave of Japanese "trading miniatures". Personally, I came out of a self-imposed modelling hiatus (the result of the usual distractions - family, work, education)when I bought half-a-dozen Takara items over eBay in 2006. Much to my spouse's dismay, I've now got the 1/144 bug good and proper!

Even considering Frank's contribution, I echo Peter's sentiments as to where all these KG1/144 visitors are coming from. We probably know a fair few as fellow collectors from our encounters on evilBay. Having said that, there's probably about 30 or so I'd recognise by their eBay handle.

What would also be interesting is the demography of these visitors. Are most older, experienced modellers or is there a good percentage of younger collectors coming up through the ranks? Those fellow collectors here in Australia that I've hooked up with are all in the former category - we're all married (with varying degrees of support for our hobby from our Other Halves ;-), have family commitments and work in professional occupations (doctors, teachers, IT specialists, etc.). Some of us won't see 40 again, and at least one is rapidly approaching the big Five-O!

Many of my overseas' contacts are also similarly situated in terms of age, profession, etc. We even have collectors like Don Schmenk, a combat flier from the Vietnam War who casts a great line of 1/144 resin items, and Bryan Gibbins, who is in his 80's and still carving excellent masters for Don to mould.

So Martin, how's about a little online survey to seek out this info? All my contacts have come via the internet (esp. eBay and here at KG 1/144).

No pressure! ;-)


pbhawkin said...

"at least one is rapidly approaching the big Five-O!"
HEY! Is t hat me you are referring to? If not then I am also heading that way:-( (am 45 next b/day).


smeg1959 said...

No, Peter ... it's me! 10 months away and closing fast!

Greg ;-)