Saturday, July 25, 2009

1/144 Aviation Model & Soar Art

1/144 Aviation Model & Soar Art
Hong Kong Toys & Game Show 2009
SoarArt Workshop Booth Site
Interesting Show pics, and factory pictures: >> Link <<


rkmasu said...

FW-190A8+Ju-88G Mistel S2!!!
I was long time waiting...and this came with warhead
but this could be only avaliable as builded and painted (and expensive) itens ?
or they let Dragon sell with cheap prices?
very nice details of tool ..

bluedonkey99 said...

well AM do the FW-190a in Built version.... and,Platz do the Kit!?

maybe something will happen in future, although the mistel does not seem like a platz kit?

mayabe AM will do the mistel as collectors? - on the other photo there also appears to be a standars ju-88!?

rkmasu said...

yes...there are a glass nosed Ju88 behind...
if they make the Ju-88G model we could make the nightfighter versions...too.
I pray if we have both as kit to build and paint and with decals... at reasonable prices..
And not only as collectors itens like some metal troop armor itens..

Anonymous said...

I already have monsieur Chavet's Mistel: I was going to use a few plastic items (ARII Fw190f parts from a Minicraft Ju-88a4) to enhance details. I won't buy this Aviation Model novelty

Also I was going to create a Ju88G using an Altaya Ju188 (tail and engines) on a modified F-Toys Ju88 a4. Trouble is the Ju 188 METAL fuselage, it's quite hard to saw off the tail! So I'd like very much a Ju 88g, thanks

bluedonkey99 said...

I dont get the "novelty" assertion?

is it because its plastic?

AM (being the aviation stable mate of metal troops) does generally stack up on detial and quality for the price. In the way that metal troops did for armour. ok, not the cheapest but generally more interesting than the dragon/takara equivelent?

i understand teh the metal gives more "heft" but rare does metal give more detial?

IXO/Altaya are probably a resoanable balance, the guyswho go crazy for corgi i dont understand, the detail isnt that great and they very exspensive in comparison?

smeg1959 said...

Whilst there is a bit of variation in quality re: Altaya/IXO, the overall standard isn't too bad. I agree with Martin on Corgi - I've seen some fairly ordinary 1/144-scale items going for big bucks. And Corgi are prone to representing all of the glassed areas, including cockpits, as solid painted areas.

I, too, wonder about Anon's "novelty" comment, but agree re: conversions using diecast items. Get out the heavy duty hacksaw!

Re: the Mistel and Ju88G, it again raises the possibility of conversion kits ...