Thursday, July 23, 2009

1/144 BigBird Vol.4 - Algernon/CafeReo

1/144 BigBird Vol.4 - Algernon/CafeReo
Images are of prototype items, final production may differ!
It is Wondefest:Summer this weekend, maybe we will see more details?
"Emily" H8K - No. 802 Naval Squadron
"Emily" H8K - Yokosuka Naval Squadron
"Emily" H8K - カラーシークレット
-He-177 Gotenhaven Hexengrund.1944
-He-177 first 100 bombing Air Group No. 2 company
-C-47 the90TCS/438TCG-AC
-47D “ SPOOKY ”
-C-47 カラーシークレット
And secret
Available: October 2009
Cost: 6, 552 Yen for 8 item box


Anonymous said...

So will there be a special like the TSR2 or Skywarrior?


bluedonkey99 said...

not clear as yet, but there is a series special

let just say if its green and floats i'll be v.miffed! ;o)

Bruce said...

They look pretty nice. It's an expensive box though, particularly with the Yen as strong as it is these days.

smeg1959 said...

It is interesting to see that "trading miniatures" no longer means small single- and twin-engined aircraft. With the Lanc, Flying Fort and now Emily, it makes you wonder just how big is too big for these "miniatures".

Mmmm, now here's a thought. With Altaya/IXO apparently going cold on the Me323 Gigant, how about that for Big Bird Vol 5? And an Me321 and He111Z. Back to the world of dreams ...

What is impressive is how compact the packaging for these items is in most cases. It is a stark contrast to the practice of some major kit manufacturers. Just look in your local model shop at the boxes used for some 1/72nd scale offerings. You could comfortably fit the 1/32nd scale item in the same box with ample room to spare!

LIHOBBY said...

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