Monday, July 06, 2009

1/144 Summer Releases!

1/144 Summer Releases!
    Miniwings Summer Releases and Reissues!A number of out of print items, bought back to life.... I like that Piasecki H21 looks particualry interesting - flying banana anyone?

  • Westland Wyvern (NEW!)
  • Bv-138 C-1 (Reissue ex-FEResin or new tooling - tbc?)
  • Mirage III C (Reissue ex-FEResin with french markings)
  • Mirage III B (Reissue ex-FEResin with french markings)
  • S-2E Tracker (NEW!)
  • Avia B-35 (Reissue ex-FEResin)
  • A-7D (Reissue ex-FEResin)
  • TA-7C/H (Reissue ex-FEResin)
  • H-21 (Reissue ex-FEResin)

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