Saturday, January 22, 2011

1/144 Michael Wittmann & Panzer Crews -By ACI*TOYS

ACI 1/144 Michael Wittmann & Panzer Crews
To assist in your diorama projects ACI Toyc Company has releases a set of 1/144 metal(Pewter) figures for use with with your panzers. While designed to represent one of the most famous german panzer aces Micheal Wittmann they can be used in a number of different configurations.

Two sets are available #S144-1 'Panzer Crew' and #S144-2 'Micheal Wittmann.

There are various WTM/ prepainted versions of the Whttmann tank from WTM-01,WTM-05 and Series?) that can be used directy. Alternatively you could construct your own?

Source: ACI*TOYS (and retailers)
Available: January 2011

Item No.:#S144-1
ACI 1/144 Michael Wittmann & Panzer Crews - (Set of 5: 1 commander, 4 crews)
Retail Price:US$19.8 per set

Item No.:#S144-2
ACI 1/144 Michael Wittmann (Set of 2: 2 commanders)
Retail Price :US$12.3 per set

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