Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Foxone Kits / International Sales via Radjapan


Following on from my Earlier post regarding the sale of Foxone Kits via RADJAPAN.

FOXONE have announced that all International sales will be handled exclusively by RADJAPAN!

The good news is that prices are not increasing, and the other good news is RADJAPAN packets rarely attract customs/ import charges (well at least in the UK) as RADJAPAN uses plain brown packaging for shipments (are, your listening HLJ!!)

Do not forget that RADJAPAN also supply regular gashopon releases from F-Toys, Doyusha, Bandai, Giga, CafeReo, Algernon, Zacca etc, and special resin ranges of kits from Foxone,A&W, Matsuo Kasten, KdK (Kami de Koro Koro), Atelier Infinite and a range of decals from many suppliers - direct to the International buyer!

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