Saturday, January 15, 2011

1/144 Sd.Kfz 13 'Alder & Sd.Kfz 231 (6rad)

1/144 Sd.Kfz 13'Alder' &
1/144 Sd.Kfz 231 (6rad) Schwerer Panzerspähwagen
by - Panzer Depot

More German Softskins from Panzer Depot this month, potentially the two extremes of the armoured car world!? One the tiny little Sd.Kfz 13'Alder' and the other Sd.Kfz 231 (6rad) Schwerer Panzerspähwagen (the only greater beast Sd.Kfz. 234/2 "Puma" with 75mm?)

An interesting and mix, that once again you ask yourself.... could dragon not have put out a series of these instead of repeating the Tiger 1?

Sd.Kfz 13'Alder'
Available: January 2011
Colours: Panzer Grey or DunkelGelb

Schwerer Panzerspähwagen Sd.Kfz 231 (6rad)
Available: Now
Colours: Panzer Grey or DunkelGelb

Available direct from Panzer Depot at shop or ebay

Img Src: Wiki/BundesArchiv

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