Saturday, January 15, 2011

1/144 Lagg-3 & Bf-109 by Zvezda

1/144 Lagg-3 & Bf-109 by Zvezda
It has been interesting to note the creation by Zvezda of Russia of a new series of budget price 1/144 kits. First came the Sturmovil IL-2, then the Junkers Ju-87. Now, we have the Lagg-3 and Bf-109.

Ok, so the Bf-109 isn't going to win any hearts, but the Lagg-3 is currently not available with the possible exception of the True North Metal items, and even then the Zvezda items still look better?(in some respects, also no worse than some of the earlier minicraft kits!)

I think the Lagg-3 and future Soviet VVS WWII aircraft could find their way onto some modelling benches, in a bid to fill holes in peoples Soviet Aircraft collection.

Although, Zvezda are selling these as kits with decals and stands, they are initialy intended for use with thier new 'war game' system. This war game is system called the 'Art of Tactic' and is currently released in Russian, but looks like it could be released in German and English too!

Available: January 2011 ( IL-2, Ju-87 )

Available: March 2011 ( Lagg - 3, bf-109 )

To be confirmed:
Ju-52. Li-2 (DC-3) - hopefully still 1/144 (?),
more Soviet VVS Fighters!? (La-5)

The following site gives more insight into the Zvezda "war game" called
"Art of Tactic"

some of the artwork here would suggest more Soviet VVS fighters to come....

further information from US distributors Dragon USA

Previous post on KG-144

Available March 2011
Price £2.95 GBP!


rkmasu said...

Lagg-3!! good..I hope they skip the german planes(I known is a game..but we have the german planes from other brands )..and release more russian planes...LA-5,La-7,Mig3,Tu-2,Pe-2...

John Haverstock said...

I second that. Don Schmenk has some nice Russian planes.

bluedonkey99 said...

Indeed he does, as does AirAlex

trouble being some folks are still scared of Resin Kits!?

pbhawkin said...

NOTE that the planes got with the magazine do NOT have decals or instructions whereas the ones bought in their own boxes (say from Ebay) do have decals and instructions.