Thursday, January 27, 2011

1/144 88mm Flak 36 by Strategist 1-144

1/144 88mm Flak 36 'Desert' by Strategist 1-144

Strategist have announced their latest release the 1/144 88mm Flak 36 and I have to say the detailing is excellent, the accuracy and representation is unrivalled! When looking at the photos, remember this is 144, not 1/72 or 1/35.

If you have any misgivings as the the quality and price, look at your Takara WTM-01 88mm and compare the detail and the price. It is composed of PU Resin, ABS Plastic and Alloy Metal components, and comes pre-painted

Make no mistake, it will be the calculated decision of the collector who purchases this item
I doubt that there will be any will be found on a war game table any time soon!

See the manufacturers site for more detail:

Supplier: Zetatoro Ebay

Limited Edition
Available: Pre-order now (contact seller for US$66.70 price)
The price is US$75.80

Product characteristics:
1. Interchangeable Travel / Firing Configuration
2. Independently rotating wheels.
3. The gun transversely rotated through 360 degrees.
4. Gun barrel can be positioned raised with the variable elevation angle of nearly 90 degrees.
5. The gun barrel has interchangeable firing/safety mechanism.
6. The gun shield (splinter guard) is removable.
7. The observation hole on gun shield can be open/closed.
8. The seat at the right side of the gun body is adjustable for Travel or Firing.
9. The barrel support frameis adjustable for Travel or Firing.
10. The towing pole is jointed


Anonymous said...

Looks very delicate ..... but the gun barrel very small and not in the correct scale, it looks like 75mm Pak i/o 88mm Flak.

For the injection mould should not have this kind of miscalculate. What s pity .......

Anonymous said...

Are they nuts?! US$75.8 for 1pc? For this amount I can buy 3pcs of Dragon or Hobby master 1/72 diecast model.

Whatever how details of it, I will pass and I only care my pocket money.

Anonymous said...

Even the gun barrel not in the correct size but they have done the great job!!

The price USD75 .......

As I know the injection mould should be cheaper like WTM and Cando releases. Let me check with them.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know, it is cast from PU resin, not injection moulded.

Fco said...

It´s a fantastic piece- I have the grey, and I can say it´s one of the best pieces in 1/144 maded.

I know the project of this gy, and his work it´s fantastic and hard, not like others asian ´`easy way´` bad copies.

The price is Hight?, If the price would be the same than takara 88´s, I would be alot of them but of course are not the same.


Fco ,Spain.