Sunday, December 18, 2011

1/144 SAAB J-32 "Lansen" -

 1/144 SAAB J-21 "Lansen" -

 SAAB 32 Lansen , looks particuluary sleek and exciting and would look good against the Hawker Hunter that also served with the Swedish.

This aircraft was designed to replace the old Turboprop aircraft in service with the Swedish airforce (Flygvapnet). Swedish Air Force requirements for the P1150 were demanding: the aircraft had to be able to attack anywhere along Sweden's 1,245 miles (2000 km) of coastline within one hour of launch from a central location. It had to be capable of being launched in any weather, day or night. Special attention was to be paid to integrating the electronics and weapons systems to create the equivalent of today's weapons systems approach to combat aircraft design. The aircraft was to be armed with four 20 mm cannons, rockets, bombs and/or a new anti-ship missile being developed, the Rb 04. The design team created a sleek airframe with clean lines powered by a license-built Rolls-Royce Avon Series 100

The kit conforms to the Miniwing signature format and feel being cleanly cast and with well defined panel lines, although a little care will be required joining the fuselage halves.

The main kits comprise of  24 resin components and the new style crystal clear resin canopy, also on this kit there is a fret of 5 Photo Etched parts for added detailing.
Assembly and painting instructions are also included.

Decals are provided by - Y-Kraft of Japan, for the following options:

-    Swedish Air Force - Flygflottilj F1 (Green Scheme)
-  Swedish Air Force - Flygflottilj F17 (Bare Metal) 
Overall another nice Swedish bird from the Cold War Period.

Available:December 2011
Price: 20.70 (Euro)
From Miniwing or Usual Stockists

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