Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Star Wars Vehicle Collection Vol.5 - F-Toys

Star Wars Vehicle Collection Vol.5 - F-Toys
There is a 'new'Star Wars Vehicle Collection Vol.5 to be released by F-Toys, although on the whole I think it is a very disappointing release from a 1/144 perspective....

"these are not the droids you are looking for....!! "


1. Millennium Falcon [1 / 350]
2. X-Wing Fighter (Red Leader) [1 / 144]
3. Interceptor Tie-Fighter  [1 / 144]
4. Naboo N-1 Starfighter 1 / 144]
5. ETA-2 Jedi Starfighter (with Obi-Wan) [1 / 144]
Sp. Secret Item ......????

Available: February 27, 2012

Source: 8-bee 


rkmasu said...

Reboxing Vol.!!

I hope they not put something new in 1/144 as special..or we will see high prices on evilbay just trying get unreleased stuff
but I wished have ARC-170 or Naboo royal cruiser or the starship or skiff
Sith infiltrator,republic gunship

badger said...

More like, these are not the 1/144 kits you're looking for!

panzergruppe said...

How disappointing! So many subject possibilities available for 1/144 from the Star Wars universe and the best they can manage is a new paint job on earlier releases. I hope the lazy bugger that come up with jem gets his butt kicked out the door.

Markus Schindler said...

@rkmasu: if you're looking for an ARC-170 in 1/144, try the Revell EasyKit Pocket one - it's actually about 1/142, but still close enough! I got it in my collection and it's an impressively big beast compared to smaller starfighters. Guess comparing an ARC-170 to a X-wing would be similar to comparing a B-25 to a F-86 or so...

rkmasu said...

Yes, I have the Revell Arc-170.
But you can note the Quality of Ftoys are greater than Revell Easy kits..and the fact in have all in one scale is another plus
If have no choice Revell will stay..
still better than Altaya diecasts..

Anonymous said...

It's funny, I was just thinking about the next Star Wars set and now here it is... Well, yeah. It is a bit disappointing. Since I use these for wargaming, I have no use for the Naboo or Jedi fighters. The Falcon is cool but 1/350 doesn't serve my purposes unless they re-release all the starfighters in 1/350. The only good part about this set is the Tie Interceptor. Now that it's not the secret model I can get some without having to spend $25+ each on eBay. The X-wing is okay and I can use a few more anyway.
I'm really interested to see what the secret model is. Really hoping it's not just another repaint.