Thursday, December 15, 2011

1-144 NA F-86D Sabre - OzMods

1-144 North American F-86D Sabre - OzMods
I have been a bit snowed under of late, so I have been behind in capturing images of the kits stacking up on the desk.

This post is concerning the new release from Ozmods of the North American F-86D Sabre (Sabredog) which is interesting as it transpires it shares as little as 25% of the parts of with the original Sabre.

I must confess further, I need a new camera and or better lighting (England in the Winter doesn't get you much in the way of quality light) and my camera struggles to pic up the fine detail on very light backgrounds.

This is problematic as the panel lines on this kit are much finer and less trench like than on other plastic kits of gashapons in this scale. I think that Oz-mods should be congratulated on the finesse achieved, so go steady on the layering of the paint.

The plastic is a new formula used for the first time on this kit by OzMods and it should lend itself to easier a handling and building experience. Greg clearly would be interested in your feedback on this material.

The kit contains approximately 28 injected parts and a clear  injected canopy (a separate vac-formed canopy will be available at an additional cost). Decals are supplied for USAF and Yugoslavian schemes and are ALPS printed By Starfighter Decals (according to MBittner the Yugo nose should be blue). This aircraft type was used by wide range of countries, so there is scope for a variety of other schemes.

A very nice kit for those wishing to model the fighters of the 1950 USAF or 1970 Yugoslavia!

Available: December 2011
Price: AU$ 14.95
Kit Supplied by Greg at OzMods

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Excellent addition. I'll buy 2X. Do you also have WWII U S Willys Army jeeps in 1/144 scale ? email me at fleetsin - @ -