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M25 Tank Transporter ' Dragon Wagon' - Strategist

M25 Tank Transporter ' Dragon Wagon' - Strategist
(Consisting of the M26 Tractor Truck and the 40-ton Semi trailer M15)
Strategist have just announced their most impressive product to-date, a assembled and painted M25 Dragon wagon. It  has excellent detailing and  fantastic array of articulated parts, in fact the more you look at the level of detailing and the parts which can be repositioned the more impressive this item becomes. Clearly, $60 is not loose change. I do think it is value for what you are getting, as it is actually cheaper than the Matuo Kasten Dragon Wagon resin kit which you still have to build and paint. It is good to see that Strategist is still producing some interesting designs with a level of detail that is exceptionally fine for this scale.

Material: PU, ABS, Alloy
Product characteristics:
1. The machine gun on the tractor unit cabin can be independently rotated.
2. Windows on the crew cabin have been cut out to reveal interior detailing:
    a) With the drivers windows are also provided with the armoured shutters raised with support struts in-situ, and
    b) The crew shutters lowered as was common practice.
3. The crew cabin superstructure is removable to reveal interior detailing.
4. A detailed jib crane with chain hoist is provided on the tractor truck and is also:
    a) Detachable,
 b) Movable.
5. The rear A-Frame is repositionable to allow for it to be:
    a) Raised allowing the tractor unit to be used for light recovery work on the battlefield, or
    b) Lowered to allow the semi-articulated trailer to be docked for tank transportation. 
6. Further detailing on the tractor unit includes:
    a) Dual winch system, with handling gear,
    b) Acetylene and oxygen tanks,
    c) Suspension and drive detailing,
    d) Lighting systems,
    e) Pioneer tools,
    f) Exhaust stack,
    g) Independent rotating wheels.
7. Furthermore, the semitrailer is also presented with the same exceptional quality and accuracy provides the following detailing:
    a) The trailer mates with the tractor unit by means of a towing coupler allowing it to be freely positioned as required,
    b) Detailed loading deck and ladder construction is demonstrated,
    c) Axles are exposed and detailed,
    d) Side stowage bins are fully represented,
    e) The rear loading ramps are articulated, and can be raised or lowered,
  f) Independent rotating wheels.

 See more images at the strategist website:

Available: December 2012
Price: $58 USD
From: Zeta@eBay

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