Thursday, December 08, 2011

1/144 GSDF Equipment Set - Tomytec

1/144 GSDF Equipment Set  - Tomytec
 This would be appear to have been scheduled for re-release as a result of this years Tsunami disaster in Japan. Many of you will recognise these items from the previously released "Japan Sinks" (see: a, b & c ) sets that tied into a blockbuster Japanese movie on the subject of a monumental natural disaster hitting Japan.
Available as either one large package, or as separate items:

AC904 - GSDF Equipment Set (x3)  6,300 Yen
includes "Quake Emergency bonus 'Seal' ?"

AC905  - GSDF Equipment Set (1)  2,100 Yen
AC905  - GSDF Equipment Set (2)  2,100 Yen
AC905  - GSDF Equipment Set (3)  2,100 Yen

Available: March 2012

 1/144 GSDF CH-47 Equipment Set  - Tomytec To further help your disaster relief efforts, a set to equip your Chinooks!
AC908 CH-47 Equipment Set
Available:  March 2012
Price: 2,310 yen


rmasu said...

the first truck in left with hardened strut is new...the buckets of helo too..
these sets are well done...they could make more with foreign trucks,jeeps,armor...

bluedonkey99 said...

The vehicles do not look any different to me?

the CH-47 extras are new.

Anonymous said...

you are correct... the first truck on left was released..only diference is with red cross markings...