Wednesday, August 01, 2012

1-144 Leiji Matsumoto 'Cockpit Series' Series - F-Toys

1-144 Leiji Matsumoto 'Cockpit Series' - F-Toys (Circle-K Limed Release)
From he creator of Matsumoto known as Space Blazer and Galaxy Express, comes a series of  based upon F-Toys Moulds and a limited release via Japanese Circle-K stores, taken from the Cockpit  Manga "Witches of Stanley"(?) staring Capitan Harlock as the central character [my best guess from Translation software] this is a mega bundle containing a set of aircraft, a Manga Comic and a special wall-hanging storage box with further Manga Artwork.

Cost 6,800 yen - Special Collectors Pack (Circle K)
Expected Release: 13th November 2012.

Sources: Niitakayama Blog & Circle-K

Regular F-Toys Issue

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