Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1/144 Attacker Bomber Collection - F-Toys
A 'new' release from F-Toys, incorporating some WWII Japanese favourites with "new tooling" and strangely a  Korean War Era aircraft in US and French markings, resulting in a strange mix of aircraft.

Its not clear how this set is arrived at even by recent standards, why they didn't do a complete full house of Japanese items for the domestic market, or go for a more varied set of twin engined attacking aircraft/medium bombers we shall never know!?

Mitsubishi Ki-67 "Hiryū "/"Peggy") (Previously: Hasegawa Kit, Altaya/IXO Prebuilt)
(one of which is the Ki-109 variant)

Mitsubishi G3M Type 96 "Rikko"/ "Nell" - (Previously in the Cafe Reo Big Bird Series )

Douglas A-26 Invader (Previously: Altaya/IXO Prebuilt(Solid Nose))
US & French options..



pgwheel said...

Th markings for the A-26s are for units that used the planes after their designation was changed to B-26 in 1948

zang92 said...

Nice surprise to discover 2 models
of Mitsubishi KI67 Hiryu Peggy
bomber, and one model of it's
derived KI109 heavy interceptor.
Bad news is 3 more identical Nell models, as previously released. Just imagine, instead, 3 variants of british Beaufighter...

John Haverstock said...

I welcome the A-26s! Ive pined for these for quite some time.
John H