Friday, October 12, 2012

1/144 "Black Ribbon" J-20 PLAAF - Trumpeter

1/144 "Black Ribbon" J-20 PLAAF - Trumpeter
Yes, I know. Another J-20, this time from Trumpeter.
To be honest, you can't blame a Chinese manufacturer issuing kits of these new Chinese Jets. The domestic Chinese market for these items must be comparable for the Japanese obsession with JSDF and the Brits with the need for V-Bombers and TSR-2s!   I can't determine if "Black Ribbon" is another name for the J-20, or Trumpeters Kit Range?

To be fair, this was highlighted back in August on KG144 Blog (seems like so long ago) and appears due for release now on 16th November 2012.

Other 1/144 J-20 on KG144 Blog:

I am not sure if the "Black Ribbon" is a variant on the "Mighty Dragon" etc type names?
So here you go:
145.7 mm Length
90.7mm Width
50 parts + Decal
Scaled down from the Trumpeter 1/72 version.



Pablo J. Álvarez said...

Excellent work and awesome plane. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Black Ribbon is the nickname for the plane in Chinese Internet. As "Black Ribbon" sounds like short for "Black 4th generation" in Chinese

bluedonkey99 said...


Thanks for the insight on the naming!