Saturday, October 20, 2012

1/144 Mercedes Benz LG3000 Heavy Truck & Tanker - Panzer Depot

1/144 Mercedes Benz LG3000 Heavy Truck & Tanker  - Panzer Depot
Panzer Depots next releases for October are a set ofMercedes Benz LG3000 trucks, one a heavy load carrier and the other a fuel tanker. The tanker is of particular intersest as it will fit into airfield dioramas as easily as the wargaming table...

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Anonymous said...

a clone of copy of メルセデスベンツLG3000燃料補給トラック ?

from ミラージュオーシャン @
2010 Winter Wonder Festival ?

details @


Anonymous said...

Quality of the WF2010 tanker is superior. Look at the details of the front lights, side panels, spare wheels.

No canvas tilt version at the WF2010, so how is that one a copy?

Just because it is "similar" doesnt its a copy.

CGD does a sherman, did he copy WTM? of course not.

Did F-Toys copy Bandai and Takara?

If you follow the plans you will end up with something similar.


Anonymous said...

well, if its not clone copy, then 15cm Panzerwerfer 42 again from Dameya again ?

see how CDG pay the effort the get the scale before it showed to the public - all brand new but not cloning Japanese competitors with half the price ? If not the rice I have already scooped up all the new ( well $30+ USD A piece really cost me arms and legs )

>< ...