Saturday, October 20, 2012

1/144 Fw-189 'Uhu' Kits from Peters Planes

1/144 Fw-189 'Uhu' Kits from Peters Planes
The instantly recognisable form of the Fw-189 Uhu is another great design from the drawing board of Kurt tank. Peters plane has continued the trend of producing multiple versions to appeal to both the modelling and gaming buyer, by means of providing "complex" and "simple" options. Overall a nice little kit, although it would only be fair to note that the full vac-form canopy option will take a little planning and forethought in order to successfully marry the pieces.

Fw-189 - Gold Modellers series:.
This is a revised issue and has a revised mold and has panel line scribing and new more accurate crew vacform pieces. A vacform canopy in 3 pieces with crew nacelle (see pictures)  will allow interior detailing. A solid resin crew compartment is also available for those who want to paint the glazing, and finally 2 x White metal prop, wheels and landing gear struts.Also comes with your choice of decals

Fw-189 - Wargame Series
This version is designed with war gaming in mind  is  more robust and simpler to complete, is comes with solid resin crew compartment (NO vac-form canopies), NO undercarriage (doors in closed position),  NO props but does still come with your choice of decals

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