Friday, October 12, 2012

1/144 Curtiss P-55J Jet Ascender - Kampflieger

1/144 Curtiss P-55J Jet Ascender - Kampflieger
Another issue from Kampfflieger that has piqued my interest. This time an US experimental item that looks like it would be equally at home in Crimson Skies, or a Flash Gordon movie as on a USAF'46 flightline roster!

 Clearly, its based upon the experimental Curtis P-55 Ascender developed in 1943, which is a fun little aircraft in its own right. Only now taken further this little "What If" project coudl quite easily have made it into the skies over Europe to do battle with the staffels of Luft'46 project (or even the iconic Me-262), of the J7W2 Shinden-Kai over the Japanese Home Islands?

Available directly from Kampffliegers Shapeways Store in two formats:
1/144 Curtiss P-55J Jet Ascender "Wheels Up",
1/144 Curtiss P-55J Jet Ascender "Wheelss Down"

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