Wednesday, July 11, 2007

1/144 - ACITOYS - Aircraft?????????

1/144 - ACITOYS - Aircraft?????????



could this be future release by ACI toys / Metal Troops?



robertk said...

Wow..Wacos gliders!!! I was thinking in make some scratch ...
Horsas and German DFS would be nice too....

oliver said...

they look fabulous!

Who are these guys, ACITOYS? any details or info about them?

bluedonkey99 said...


I suggest you check their website.

They are the guys who make the Metal Troops range of collectable tanks. The Metal troops tanks (there have been a number featured on this blog over last few years) they are much better qaulity than Dragon or WTM, but then these are collectors items not gashopon or trading toys. in the past they were resin based produts and probably hand painted(?) but now they are moving into Injeciton plastic which may make them cheaper but certainly would make them more robust?!
Aircraft by these guys should be pretty nice.
The Metal Troops are available from a number of regional distributors, and can be found on ebay pretty easily, also some onlune sellers such as "HLJ" or "Aoshima BK"

oliver said...

thanks for the info!

the churchill tank looks really good too...

smeg1959 said...

I agree that it would be great to see some gliders in 1/144 scale. Apart from FE-Resin's Go242, there is a painted pewter Horsa available through Diverse Images - beautifully finished, limited edition, a snip at 84 quid. Hell, my car doesn't cost that much!

I've seen photos of the Pendraken metal Wacos and Horsas - OK for wargaming, but some work to get them to scale model status.

Interestingly, the guy who carves
aircraft and sells them on eBay as JSMWarplanes (recently reborn as modelcustoms4) says that 1/144 gliders are one of his most often requested jobs. Apparently, this stems from the Flames of War gamers but, hey, it shows that there's definitely a market out there.

Scratchbuilding a Waco glider? Mmm, sounds like a plan ... thanks Oliver!

bluedonkey99 said...

there were some paper gliders on FOW site, but since the ro-og i hvent been able to find it!

as for allied glider, more rare?
although seem to recall seeing something with regard to waco/hamil cars but may have been 6 or 15mm?

the JSM site seems popular, but i didnt reall like the item i bought? - but each to their own, thats why there area over 3000 varieties and flaovoerus of noodles in japan?

smeg1959 said...

There's definitely a range of resin gliders (including the ones mentioned previously) in 15mm through Armaments in Miniature.

I'm not sure about JSM's models. His photography on eBay doesn't allow clear inspection of the aircraft he carves, and I reckon he'd be advised not to attempt to paint on insignia. If someone wants swastikas, crosses and roundels, there are plenty of decal options out there.

Photos not permitting, some of his efforts look reasonable, but others just look patently wrong (e.g. a Twin Mustang where the fuselages were definitely too close together).

One of my Aussie compatriots was getting JSM to construct a 1/144 scale CA Boomerang and Kangaroo which he intended to use as templates for preparing resin moulds, but I don't know how he gone on.