Tuesday, July 31, 2007

1/144 Targa U-Boat Series - for sale!

Close up pictures of the Targa Series U-Boat


pbhawkin said...

Absolutely superb!
They even have 1/144 scale crew figures in appropriate poses, commander looking through periscope, crew asleep, crew getting out of sleeping bags, crew at dive stations AND EVEN someone on the Toilet/John/head!!

bluedonkey99 said...


The detailing does seem to be very high indeed. The cheeky little guy in the heads was also noted! I cant wait to see these models up close...

the only probalem is i can already see i need 4!

one each of the standards and the special and tehn then one stripped down to reveal the innards fully!

pbhawkin said...

I am into 1/144 Bigun combat warships and these will make a nice talking point next to my Graf Spee, Kormoran and Viribus Unitus!

bluedonkey99 said...


Those are big ships!

I take it you must have one of extra large Oz stle houses/work- sheds to put those massive ships!?

do yuo have to wwatch out for spiders and wierd thing hiding under your models?

the creepie-crawlies really put me off emigrating to the "Lucky Country"


pbhawkin said...

The models are either in their transport cases or are getting sunk too frequently for any land based animal to live in/on them!
I have a double garage, behind the house as my workshed.

jaffar said...

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