Friday, July 13, 2007

1/144 Models by "Nordwind"

1/144 Models by "Nordwind"


I found these pictures on the norwind blog, i though some of you might to see them?



oliver said...

ha ha interesting concepts... a japanese V2...! i wonder what would have happened if that really was??

and japanese Fw190Ds? not sure about that... surely they wouldnt have needed german aircraft then? Some of the existing japanese designs would have sufficed. Still, its interesting....

smeg1959 said...

Well, we have the Me262-lookalike Kikka, the Mitsubishi clone of the Me163, and the Bf109E in Japanese insignia (as in the Takara range), so who knows?

I do know that an Fw190A-5 and an A-8 were sent to Japan for technical evaluation. This apparently contributed directly to the development of the successor to the Ki61 Hien, the Ki100. Rumours are that a Ta152 also made the journey to Japan later in the war, but these are harder to substantiate.

And I'm sure the Japanese hierarchy would have wished for some V2s. Hard to direct to a target with any accuracy but does far more damage than a Kamikaze plane ... and you save on pilots!

But a V2 with Rising Sun insignia - don't think so!

bluedonkey99 said... heard about the Ta-154 going to japan?

i know that the japanese purchased a Tiger -1 but it never got shiped in the end!

ironically and a rarely done items, is that the fact the luftaffe were interested in Licensing the Ki-46 for production in Europe! - I cant recall why it didnt hapen prussian snobery or kawasaki not playin ball?

the V2 is a bit of fun, maybe if the war had gone on and the germans had developed a 2 stage ICBM?

robertk said...

I think the worst concept was a tripuled V-2..(as seen in special item on takara famous)... maybe a japanese custom order to speed up kamikazes..?