Tuesday, July 10, 2007

WTM:USA - World Tank Compaigns - "Bulge"

WTM:USA - World Tank Compaigns - "Bulge"
....Recreate the battle of the Ardennes!!!
Expected Release Date: "Coming soon?"

Germany’s last gamble to change the course of the war initially surprised the American forces, but it resulted in a major Allied victory. Now YOU play the role of a German or American tank commander directing a platoon of tanks with supporting forces.

This is a series of tactical games by Dana Lombardy, designer of "Streets of Stalingrad".

Each STARTER Set has everything you need to play SOLITAIRE(1-player) and DUEL(2-PLAYER) games:

2 historically accurate, incredibly detailed 1/144 scale plastic tanks
Miniature tanks are pre-painted and fully assembled and include a historical information sheet about each tank

* 2 full-color battle “boards” unique to the Ardennes and the Sherman M4A3 and Panther G tanks
* 6 custom designed army-specic dice, plus standard d6 & d10
* 88 full-color playing cards make gameplay fast and exciting
* 55 die-cut play aid tokens (not show here), illustrated rulebook, and Quick Start Rules for the solitaire game

2x EXPANSION Sets include:
22 additional cards, a Jagdpanzer IV tank-killer or King Tiger super heavy tank with their own unique battle boards and scenarios.
"..coming soon..."

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