Thursday, April 08, 2010

1/144 Churchill NA75 - By CGDynamix

CGD have produced another item in thier range

The Churchil NA75 as used by British and Commonwealth troops in WWII.
The CGD page is - here -

Quite an interesting looking product that is gaining a lot of interest in the wargaming community.

the Australian Sentinel is next...

So now, it is not just Panzer Depot who is producing alternative items for the AFV collector and wargamer!



GEM Team said...

very nice

pbhawkin said...

Yes, I agree. A very nice looking model.
Maybe a brass barrel would be a good upgrade?

smeg1959 said...

Given the extensive use of tanks like the Churchill and Matilda, I have never been able to understand the reluctance of the major model companies to issue the things in 1/144.

A Sentinel? As an Aussie, I can't wait! :-)