Saturday, April 10, 2010

posts 1/144 Heliborne Vol.4 - F-Toys (update 42)

Ok, I know that at this point your wondering what on earth I could have to say about this series that we do not already know!?

I will keep it short:

1) There is some auto spin facility on the rotors "push and spin"!
So its not a fancy as Takaras gimix lights/motors, but its is interesting... Because if it is spring/grear powered it may be transferable as a self contained unit to other kits?

2) The Eh-101 is long! F-Toys have split the lenghth of the fuselage to fit into a standard F-Toys box.

Dont forget to check the previous Heliborne posts, especially the analysis by Milosz

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TonyG2 said...

Personally I would prefer accuracy over roter spinning gimmicks.