Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Eggs? @ ModelStories

Ok, so I cant come around and give a Chocolate (or real) Egg today, but in the same way that DVDs have secret bonus sections also called 'Easter Eggs'.. I draw your attention to a much overlooked section of the Modelstories website - The "ModelArchives" !! and in particular thier "Box Art Bloopers", now I know most you now do a lot of 1/144 I am sure that some of you go to the 'dark side' and dabble with other scales, or like me grew up with the old school scales of 1/72!

If you have been around for a few year, I am sure you wil lhave at least seen these kits, or maybe even built some of them yourself? I am sure there could be one or two in my parents loft??

So here you are "Box Art Bloopers" (in English) for your amusement...

oh, and don forget to check the Modelstories 1/144 Altaya Bombers article for this month!

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