Friday, April 02, 2010

1/144 Sci-Fi Dynamics Release from Anigrand

Anigrands "Sci-Fi Dynamics" Range is back with a bang!

USAF SR-91 "Aurora" Recon Bird (SR-71 Replacement)
There has been much talk of a replacement SR-71, be it activity at the Lockheed "skunkworks", Area 51 etc, or strange "contrails" or "black triangles (TR-3E)". The talk of Aurora or "Senior Citizen" class aircraft contine to abound

Price: $58USD
Available: TBC

SOVIET MIG-31 Firefox - Super Interceptor!
I read the Firefox book by Craig Thomas in the late 1970s and I was hooked, then came the film staring Clint Eastwood.

This model appear to be based upon the aircraft seen in the film, that good enough for me!

There is a great Firefox fansite here which is well worth a look!

(At the time the book was written the MIG-31 was a fictitious designation, which was subsequently used for the Mig-25 replacement!)

Price: $58USD
Available: TBC

It is not clear as to if there will be bonus items with these kits at this stage, although the lower than usual price may lead to the conclusion of no bonuses or maybe just the one? We will just have to wait and see closer the time?

Dont forget there is also the "Fantastic Plastic" X-JET if you like Movie derived projects!?

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Bruce said...

$58 for a 1/144th Firefox????? Seems extraordinarily high a price....must be a heap of bonus stuff?