Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1/144 F-Toys Century Series Fighters (update 2)

Hot on the heels of thier recent released F-Toys press on a head onward and upwards with plans for a new release!

USAF "Century Series" fighters, a series of fighters that originated in the 1950 and went on for many years.

F-106A Delta Dart
48th Fighter Interceptor Squadron (1982)
194 FIS California Air National Gaurd
460 FIS Grad Forks AFB (1974)

F-100D Super Sabre
481st Tactical Fighter Aquadron, 27th Tactical Fighter Wing
308th Fighter squadron, 31st Tactical Fighter Wing (Major Don Schmenk)
USAF Thunderbirds Display Team

F-105D Thunder Chief ("Thud")
355th Tactical Fighter Squadron 357th Tactical Fighter Wing
563rd Tactical Fighter Squadron 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/23d_Wing (flying tigers)
466th Tactical Fighter Squadron 301st Tactical Fighter Wing

As these are from F-Toys, I would expect alternative colour options and a series special!

Price: ?
Available: June 2010



There is also a rumour that a well known resin company maybe producing a F-101 this year!?


smeg1959 said...

2B is the "Hun" flown by Major Don Schmenk whilst stationed at Tuy Hoa Air Base in Vietnam during 1969. Regular visitors to this blog would know that Don has been producing a range of 1/144-scale resin kits for several years now.

I sincerely hope that F-Toys do the aircraft justice.

John Haverstock said...

I just spoke with Don about this and he seems pretty excited about it. Most of you that have been in modeling for a while have seen his markings show up more than a few times on other kits and in aftermarket decal sets. TheF-100 is definitely a welcome addition to our beloved scale , and it will be pretty cool to know the guy that flew one of them in the real world.

I'm a -106 nut and really look forward to seeing what I can do with F-Toys dart.

As for the "secret" airplane I'm hoping for an F-100F or maybe an RF-101. Or maybe even an entire Voodoo set down the road???

John H.
Marion Ohio

Tony|G2 said...

Excellent news - my bank account may not appreciate it but I do.

bluedonkey99 said...

i would think that the series special would most likely be a repaint of one of the otehr 3, as per recent trend and demonstrated by the recent Wing Kit colleciton.

It is mainly CafeReo/Algernon that issues specials that are completely different models.

bluedonkey99 said...

Of course the real special would be to have Don's Aircraft Signed by him!

badger said...

Finally something to salivate over. Definitely will be picking up multiple cases of this one!!! I truly hope they've worked on their fitting issues a little and didn't rush this through as the last couple of releases. But if they're as detailed as the USNavy series, this will be a sweet one.

And to honor Major Schmenk was a classy touch by F-Toys. Cheers!

rkmasu said...

I liked the F-100!!!..
the F-105 we had Arii and F-106 of Revell are good(but hard to find).
I would prefer the F-101 (this one of Arii is good to make us cry...)than F-105 ..think in F-101B(to make some big canadian.. think in Genies carriers) or RF-101 SEA birds ..yes...this one deserve a good kit!!!
Anyway..F-toys did a nice job choose nice painting versions... all 3 Huns are very desired... and number 3 thud painting is a long time wanted...

smeg1959 said...

I know Don was aware of HobbyMaster replicating his Hun in 1/72-scale, as the company approached him to pose with the model (see http://www.hobbymastercollector.com/HA2102F-100DSchmenk.html).

But I know Don would be rapt to see the 1/144-scale item given his resin output in the scale over the years.

Kazama said...

Though I've made one...
I am waiting for...
Really exciting!