Saturday, April 17, 2010

1/144 F/A/18E/F Super Hornet Series #14 - Doyusha/Cando

1/144 現用機コレクション 第14弾

1/144 F/A/18E/F Super Hornet - Series 14 - Doyusha/Cando
It would appear to be rerelease of Series 10 - but with repaints.
6 Items + Special?

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Doyusha excels in painting, even if they're a little too clean and sharp. However, their kits are just too plain and simple. These F-18s are almost as detailed as the Arii kit from 20 years ago. Very disappointing when you hold one in your hand and wonder why you paid $70USD + shipping to get a box of them. Save your money for the aftermarket decals from MYK, RoseRidge, Starfighter, others, to use on the outstanding DML kits. Even Algernon has updated their F-18 lot, and the C/D variant is right up there with Revell.

Doyusha really should have just gone across the street and used Dragon's F-18E/F kits to paint over. That might have made these worth the price and something special. But I guess that's why Takara is the leader when it comes to pre-painted kits. Not only are they unmatched in paint quality, but their kits are years ahead of anyone else's.