Thursday, August 12, 2010

1/144 SdKfz 9 FAMO 18T - Panzer Depot

It is time for Panzers Depots August release and it does not disappoint!

The SdKfz 9 18T half track by FAMO, or the FAMO 18T as it is also known.

It would be nice to see a version with the tilt/canvas cover, or maybe other variants.
A real nice option for the future would be the Tank Transporter trailer - Sd.Ah.116?

The comparison against the Tiger is interesting as it brings home just how large these beasts are!
They not classified as "heavy" for no reason.

3 Colour options are available.

Available: now
Price: $16.80 & $17.80 dependant on option.


Anonymous said...

These look identical to Matsuo's Famo's. Even the last set of refueling trucks appeared to be painted Matsuo kits. I think my hunch is right about Panzer Depot. They either buy mass quantities of resin kits at a discount to build and paint, or they buy just a handful and make copies of them. The kits aren't as sharp as the original releases, so I have a feeling these are re-casts. I hope I'm wrong. It's pretty obvious how this sort of thing hurts the scene, so I really hope there's some sort of agreement in place.

Anyway, Matsuo's kit is truly a masterpiece, but costs twice as much as the PD painted version. Please continue to support them so they can put out more great kits.

bluedonkey99 said...

The refueling trucks are not copies of the Matsuo Kasten. I have compared my Matsuo Kasten against the Panzer Depot items.

There are a number of differences, the first two are easiet to spot

1) one has a solid cab the other a hollow cab.

2) the chasiss ladders also differ in detailing and construction.

There are other minor difference.

I agree that we should be vigilant for to ensure interlectual copyright is not violated.

I dont have either FAMO so can not speculate. Although the photographic eveidence would indicate that they are not the same. It would suggest one obvious area of difference is in the tracks...

badger said...

Ahhh. That's good to know. I know that Dameya is having issues with people selling copies of their products, so hopefully PD is in the clear.

Interesting article on resin copies: