Saturday, August 28, 2010

1/144 JU-88 A-17/-11 (A-4/Trop) - Foxone

As previously discussed Foxone are expanding thier JU-88 range with a number of varients in the Ju 88 series.

As the design of the Foxone kits is undertaken using 3D CAD design it means that revisions to the original kit can be seemlessly and quickly integrated.

Therefore I cant add to much beyond what I have previously written on this subject, but this release does provide an interesting an unusal anti-ship aircraft varient, including Torpedo and loading trolley/dolley.

The other interest item of not is the decals, no longer do you need to be an airbrush ninja to create stunning squiggle/wave pattern. This kits comes with some interesting white decals that enable you to do this relatively easily and quickly! It also comes with marking for two aircrat.

Price: 8,000 Yen
Available: Now

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