Friday, August 06, 2010

EMW Wasserfall SAM Missile by

"Coming Soon".
Brengun plan to release a kit of the WWII experimental Surface to Air Missile that was undertaken as part of the German rocket programme. It was largely abandoned late in the war.

As with so many of htese project and interesting technical exercise and historical curiosity, but how effective could they have been with time and resources running out?


Russ said...

How effective? Given time for development, very effective. But it would be Gary Powers over Russia and Maj. Anderson over Cuba to find out for sure. It is so curious to look at the advances in science and the paths it takes if you can for a time separate the idea of it being a weapon system use. So many things are before thier time. That question dealt with- this really looks like a great kit idea. It also opens up the idea of a Gashapon series of rockets and missiles. Who didn't build that early 60's Monogram kit which had all of the US ones from the backpack carried Lacrosse rocket up to the mighty Titan-II? or maybe thought of getting that 1980's one with the cold war US/Soviet missiles- which really in some ways looked like a big lipstick assortment or a very macabre chess set;-)
It could be quite a challenge to the candy toy folks though to cram a Soyuz booster into a collectors box, unless they use a box-scale philosophy or multi section kit like they did with u-boats!
this Brengun kit has what looks like a start for a mini diorama going for it. Easily imagine some transporter vehicles and a control blockhouse plus even a guidance van with radar set to accompany it.

bluedonkey99 said...


interesting comment, and I am sure that given the Japanese Preoccupation with all matters German & WWII that a "Vengance" or "Rocket Troops" series would sell.

Curiously, as part of the unreleased "Science Museum Vol.3" series there was a V2 + Hanomag/Meillerwagen set (loooked awfully like the WOTL V2) Shame they didnt slip into a subsequent WOTL release?

The WOTL series showed that the A4/V2/A9 varirants had interest.
Having been to RAF Cosford and seem some of the other missile weapons a Wasserfall, Rheinmetall Borsig Rheinbote, Enzian etc?

Then there are the post war Nikes,Corporal,Thor,Bluestreak etc