Thursday, August 19, 2010

1/144 Ju88A-17/A-4Trop by Foxone

Foxone is continuing with his series of Ju-88 kits for the Expert builder.

This time Foxone is adapting the A-4 into the A-17 Version with Tropical options pack, also a Torpedo dolley and muntions options pack.

The updates to the original kit can be seen in the CAD drawing above, whereby changes to the fuselage and engine exhausts can be seen.

Keep up with the updates as they are posted - here -

No word on availbility as yet.

It is not clear currently if this will be offered as a new complete kit or and upgrade kit?
The design of the original A-4 kit would allow for parts to be swapped out, such a #3 (Lower fuselage, and others such as engine exhausts? Other parts would additonal?)

Of course, you will find out here first!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry for invasion, time-to-time I read your blog. Maybe this will interest for you?
Zvezda 1/144 (1/148?) IL-2 (One seat)

bluedonkey99 said...

no problem.
IL-2 kit - very interesting.
Any more information?

my Russian is limited to "Google Translate"