Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1/144 ZERO FIGHTER A6M5bType 52 Otsu - Sweet

Apparently due to great demand in Japan, Sweet are issuing another Zero Kit.

Mitsubushi A6M5b Type 52 Otsu

Particular items of interest appear to be: Extra Pilot Armour, Up gunned to 13mm cannon
Woodern wings , Type II unified (wood) drop tank set.

- Package Illustration Huzita Yukihisa
- Decalss option for mulitple: 221 Naval Air Service and 653 Naval Air Service.


Available: 28 July 2010
Cost: 2,000 Yen
Do not forget to access you special edition Sweet Zero Special EditionWallpaper (updated 1280 version) - Here -


smeg1959 said...

Another Zero? Hold me back! It might be so bad if Sweet included the refueling truck.

Oh, and did anyone notice the 2000 yen price tag? This is considerably more than we've paid for Sweet kits in the past. As it is, there seems to be only one Zero kit in the box. You'd hope there was two or this is a very expensive Zero.

Russ said...

Was going to say the same thing about the truck!

badger said...

This is the same kit that was announced in the beginning of July. But I'm sure Sweet will release yet another one after this, since there actually is demand for these in Japan.

This one comes with 2 planes and the drop tanks which were released as as a separate set, so that might explain the high price.

No fuel truck either!

bluedonkey99 said...

I reposted as a nice new colour version of the box pack artwork was made available!

badger said...

Haha! Your poster wallpaper now needs to be updated to include the new Zero kits!