Monday, August 23, 2010

1/148 IL-2 - by Zvezda

Звезда 1/148 Ил-2!
Zvesda 1/148 IL-2

An interesting kit has come to my attention, it appears that it may be part of a magazine series in Russian similar to the 'Del Prado' or Ixo/Altaya style approach where a magazine and a model/kit are sold as a package. It is not clear if this is a one-off special, or part of an on-going series?

The kit is simple and cheap by all acounts, please see the link below for more photographs.

The kit appears to have been made by Zvezda and is approx 1/148, again not clear is this is a common size or a size to fit the package?


Obviously, Google translate does not provide all answers!?
So if you have any further information?

"за Родину!"

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Anonymous said...

That kit really in 1/144, this is a magazine series about WWII with soldiers in 72nd, and tanks and planes in 144nd. You may ask your questions about them.