Friday, June 10, 2011

1/144 British Sherman Crab II - CGD

1/144 British Sherman Crab II - CGD

This tank was a member of "Hobart's Funnies" which took part in the Normandy landing in 1944. The Sherman Crab was used for clearing mine fields with its rotating flail. The flail rotated in a direction pushing and detonate the mines out to the front of the tank rather than down under the tank for obvious reason.

The Crab II was an improved version with cutters to tear up barbed wire; chalk dispensing bin on both sides to mark path cleared of mines; and a pair of lit masks to help coordination between several Crab IIs working together.


Available: June 2011

3 options:
'Travelling Mode' - $21.90
'Resting mode' - $21.90
'Sweeping mode' - $21.90

Color - Olive Drab!


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