Monday, June 06, 2011

1/144 Junkers D.I - By Kampfflieger

1/144 Junkers D.I WWI fighter - By Kampfflieger

Although some what ungainly and withan all metal full cantilevered wing, it was actually many years ahead of its time from in its aeronautical construction. Destined to become a naval fighter the end of the war cut short its service career. Needless to say this aircraft is the forerunner of so many interwar junkers seaplanes and transport aircraft culminating in the Ju-52/3m

Available: Now
White Strong & Flexible: $ 9.64 | (€ 6.69)
Frosted Ultra Detail: $ 14.18 (€ 9.84)


Remember you can combine purchased from any shapeways store on one shipping order.


Anonymous said...

Can anyoe give me a little info on this? I it a kit? And what are they talking about with Frosted and strog and winter at the website. What is it made out of.
I like the a/c...would like to model it....but I get the impression I'm not looking at a model kit.
Any help?

Anonymous said...

Take a look here:

It's a tread about shapeways models.

Anonymous said...

I went to the website to order this "kit"; I thought it would be a challenge and I do like the fact that it's in 1/144.
However, there is a minimum order of 25.00 before they'll send you anything...bogus , in my opinion.

bluedonkey99 said...


I didnt say it was a "kit", its a miniature model produced by the shapeways process, regulars to the blog will have been briefed as to the nature of this technology, and its pros andcons.

with regard to the $25 shipping, well you have choices in life, you can pay, or decline - no one is forceing you.

obviously, the more you buy the offsett of shipping verses purchases becomes more acceptable.

note: that you can buy from more than one vendor under the shapeways scheme and consolodate under the same shipping arangement.

Therefore, you can bu kampflieger, Small Scale Shope, CG Dynamics and many more..

The 3D printing is still an embryonic technology and therefore you still experience some premiums

also, keep in ming that the shapeways shipping is by courier and not normal postal services, so shipping from dispatch is prompt (and certianly on par, if not cheaper than US Postal Service prices from USA to Europe!)

Anonymous said...

It's still a ridiculous contingency whether you buy other items or just pay shipping that you have to spend 25.00 to buy their "item"; so it's not a "kit".
Whatever. It's still bogus, IMO.
Thanks for the life lesson about choices and not being "forced"...I didn't know that.
No kidding...phew!

pbhawkin said...

Actually the $25 minimum order includes the cost of the courier. So, I generally order as many items as I can to get to the $25.
So three of the $9 planes will be $27 and that includes the postage.
The material is made from a liquid that is solidified by laser(s) and that is the model you see. It paints and glues like resin. However up to now it has NOT been able to make a smooth shiny surface and requires sanding to get this.