Friday, June 10, 2011

Kampfgruppe144 Rammtiger - By Dameya

Kampfgruppe144 Rammtiger - By Dameya

Dameya has done a great job on taking the Kampfgruppe144 Rammtiger and carrying it the extra mile.

On the above photographs Dameya has taken the Rammtiger Shell option and mounted it on the WTM 05 Tiger(P) model. First the models were stripped back and prepared, in this instance the opportunity was taken to sand down some of the shell surface and prime it with 'Mr Surfacer' to provide a good foundation to the subsequent paint scheme.

I hope you agree that the end result is a very nice looking kit!?

More gallery photos are on the Dameya Blog

Still available at Kampfgruppe144@CGD

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