Saturday, June 04, 2011

144 Squadron Sci-Fi Resin Kits - by JT Graphics

JT Graphics are now selling a range of 1/144 scale Sci-Fi kits, inspired by a number of "popular Sci-Fi" series.... The kits currently range between 1 and 5 inches (25mm - 127mm) in length

For more info (best viewed in Internet Explorer, other browser may need to scroll down):

Available: Now

ST Type 6 Shuttle $15.00
ST Type 9 Shuttle $25.00
ST Type 13 Shuttle $25.00
ST Type 13 Armored $25.00
ST Delta Flyer $35.00
ST Runabout $35.00

Coming but not yet avaulable:
BG: Mk2, Mk7, Mk7B, Razor Raider, Adv. Raider, Heavy Raider, NEW Colonial Shuttle, Raptor

SG: F-302, Deathglider, Puddle Jumper, Destiny Shuttle

And more to come...................

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