Sunday, June 26, 2011

1/144 E-75 Entwicklung Series Panzer - CGD

1:144 CGD Wehrmacht '46 German E 75 standard tank with 105mm Kw. K. L/68 (Krupp)

75 standard tank - In 1945, the German war machine initiated a development program (Entwicklung, or E) aimed at categorizing the development of AFVs in 5, 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 ton weight brackets. The E 75 was designed to be between 75 to 100 ton and as a standard tank replacing the King Tiger and Jagdtiger. The tank was almost identical to the King Tiger in size but would be easier, cheaper and quicker to produce than the previous designs.

The E 75 shared a lot of components with the E 50 and has the same hull design and dimension. The E 50 has more space inside through using thinner rolled armour plate and hence lighter weight.

To handle the additional weight, the E 75 has an additional suspension unit with 2 more road wheels on each side. The E 75 used E 50's combat track as transport track and another wider track as combat track.

105mm Kw. K. L/68 - was initially proposed by Krupp for increasing the armourment of existing Panzers and Jagdpanzers. It was to be mount on "Tiger B" .

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