Saturday, November 05, 2011

Dameya 1/144 on Shapeways

Dameya 1/144 on Shapeways

Many of you will know Dameya's kits and models from the posts on this blog, the galleries from the various Project144 show reports, and also HLJ.

In order to take advantage of modern methods Dameya has branched out into opening a Shapeways store to allow the wider production and distribution of his items in 1/144. In the past is has been traditional for 3D printing in Japan to be confined to the production of masters for subsequent casting in resin. Dameya is looking to try alternatives to this and therefore is taking up the established Shapeways concept and making the 3D printing options available directly to his customers.

Dameya's releases have been designed with production with Shapeways "Fine Ultra Detail" material in minf and are therefore also very detailed.

Although more are planned, the current releases form Dameya are:

The American Super heavy Tank T95 
The German  sd.kfz.4/1 15cm Panzerwerfer 42
The German  sd.kfz.4/1 15cm Munitions Carrier

Available: Now
From: Dameya Shapeways Store


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auction @ Yahoo Japan and is now up to 15500+ yen @